Food Truck Booking Service

Own a food truck? Looking for leads for this upcoming season?

Food Trucks 2 Go, offers a “Book a Truck” subscription service to provide food trucks with leads which may include anything from large festivals, private caterings, weddings, to re-occurring weekly events and more. A few examples include a summer Outdoor Music festival looking for trucks for their 5,000 attendees or a high end wedding in the fall for 200 people looking to spend $150 per person. New events are added weekly, and we receive hundreds and hundreds of requests per year! Many of our early food truck subscribers have found multiple leads on Book a Truck – think of the service as an “extra booker” for your truck.

Expect to find events with catering budgets and minimum guarantees, as well as simple booking requests. Your subscription allows you access 24/7! All necessary event contact information is available on the website so you can work out the details with the client directly.

Subscription options:

12 months for $100

6 months for $60

Happy Booking!

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